Bad Boys Barbecue Hot Sauce – 4 Pack


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So, you like your food hotter than a scene from 50 Shades of Grey? Well, we have exactly what you need to bring some real fire to your barbecues! Feast your senses on this pack of 4 super hot sauces from Barbecue Bad Boys!

This pack gives you a handful of sauces that are hotter than a stolen car in a forest fire!

They include:

Satan’s Revenge: They say that revenge is a dish best served cold… but Satan doesn’t play by our rules. Plus, the air-conditioning doesn’t seem to work in hell’s kitchen. Point is, this particular chilli sauce is sinfully hot… but devilishly delicious!

XXX Chilli Bullet: Anything that has XXX printed on it is bound to be trouble… but in a good way! This chilli sauce hits you like a bullet to the taste buds, blowing its competition away.

The Fiery Frenchman: This garlic-infused sauce is like having your tongue verbally abused by a French citizen… who is on fire!

Texan Tongue Tingler: Cowboys wear leather chaps in the Texas sun and drink whisky out of the bottle, so you know that they’re used to heat… and feeling the burn. Knowing that, anything that can make a Texan’s tongue tingle is bound to be hotter than a gunfight at high noon!

Are you ready to make your barbecued meat so hot that you’ll catch a tan just by eating it? Then you need this 4 sauce set from Barbecue Bad Boys!


  • A selection of 4 fiery barbecue sauces
  • Use as a barbecue marinade, dipping sauce, and dressing
  • Not for the faint of heart, or feint of taste buds
  • Perfect for anyone who likes it hot and saucy
  • Each bottle contains 45ml